ZAN is newly listed on Hpdex

Zan is Zan DAO ecological points based on HPB chain. The total supply is limited to 1 billion. Zan DAO is a decentralized organization that represents the will of the community and is controlled by the community. Spread distributed business ideas, boost distributed business practices and share distributed business results through the form of DAO.

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How to get involved in Zan DAO:
Have 10000 Zan or become a BD member of SZ.

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Zan是基于HPB链的Zan DAO生态积分,发行总量为10亿。Zan DAO是一个代表社区意志并由社区控制的去中心化组织。通过DAO的形式去传播分布式商业理念,助力分布式商业实践,共享分布式商业成果。

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