Tenon Aims To Provide Its Community with an innovative blockchain gaming paradigm

New blockchain innovations are constantly emerging, disrupting a variety of industries, the most recent of which is the gaming industry. Blockchain games are one of the most recent developments in the decentralized industry. The integration of DeFi, NFTs, and core blockchain principles has paved the way for new and innovative gaming processes. While completing in-game tasks, players can now earn money and rewards that they can use in the real world.

The emergence of scalable and innovative blockchains such as HPB Blockchain has enabled GameFi projects to improve their overall gaming experience while adhering to their core blockchain principles. There is, however, a need for a blockchain gaming ecosystem that can serve as a foundation for other GameFi projects. In this article, we will look at Tenon, a unique GameFi ecosystem that aims to shape the blockchain gaming industry.

The Innovative Tenon

Tenon is a GameFi ecosystem dedicated to an open blockchain gaming ecosystem through its innovative gaming paradigm. The Tenon ecosystem is designed to use modular smart contract technology, with all of its modules open and able to be combined to achieve complex game logic.

The Tenon ecosystem is building a structure in the same way that different Lego blocks are being assembled. Tenon’s gaming paradigm grants its community the ability to fork games and create new games through secondary development. One of Tenon’s distinguishing features is that it is “user-centric” and community-driven; the project strives to create a completely open, transparent, and interoperable gaming ecosystem where users can expand the use-cases of game assets.

Now the first game utilising Tenon, named AVA(Alliance of Valiant Army), is about to launch. The plot of the game revolves around a PVP game mode in which players can advance in rank and star level while earning NFTs and other rewards. The AVA project has allocated 30% of the total token supply of 30 billion. This allocation of rewards demonstrates that the AVA game, or other new games created using Tenon as a building block, will be able to benefit users and provide massive returns to players. To learn more about the new gamefi project, visit https://avag.io/


In the current GameFi market, it is nearly impossible for communities to fork gaming projects and request the use of smart contracts on the outside. The emergence of creative and interoperable projects such as the Tenon protocol helps to define a new future for the GameFi sector. The Tenon game ecosystem appears to be well-positioned to develop a new gaming paradigm that will contribute to the value of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Note that Tenon is using HPB blockchain as its underlying infrastructure and building the open game ecosystem on HPB in the first place.

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