Phase 1 Hpdex liquidity mining has ended, please withdraw your HPD rewards as soon as possible!

The Phase 1 Hpdex liquidity mining has ended and all 10 million HPD have been released. Hpdex will maintain the Farm function and stop HPD withdrawals on January 18, 2022 at 17:00 UTC+8. Hpdex community users are requested to take out HPD rewards and release the pool pledge as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary losses.

第1期Hpdex流动性挖矿已结束,1000万HPD已全部释放,Hpdex将于2022年1月18日 17:00 UTC+8 对Farm功能进行维护,并停止HPD提取。请Hpdex社区用户们尽快取出HPD奖励,解除池子抵押,避免造成不必要的损失。