Let's build Venture DAO together

Venture DAO is a decentralized investor community and achieving a win-win situation for participants is its main goal. The initial token of Venture DAO is DAO issued on the HPB chain, the total amount is limited to: 21,000,000, and 100% of the initial token is added to the AMM liquidity pool for release. Participants who are willing to join the community can visit the Hpdex exchange and join the community of holders themselves.

Contract: 0x7fb80517de4894a2a22cfda1533253058124ed91

Go to exchange: Hpdex Info

Tasks and rights of community members:

Building community: Holding DAO tokens is the identity of a member of the Venture DAO community. Let’s build the Venture DAO community together, and everyone can communicate freely in the community. You will receive investment advice and assistance from other members, and you can also provide advice and assistance to community investors.

Initiate rewards: If you get useful investment advice in the community and benefit from it, you can voluntarily initiate rewards in the community to give back to the community in the form of an airdrop.

Earn rewards: Each community member has the opportunity to receive investment rewards from other community members.

Governance: You can participate in community governance and construction by initiating proposals and voting.


Venture DAO是一个去中心化运作的投资者社区,实现参与者共赢是Venture DAO的主要目标。Venture DAO的初始代币为DAO,总量限定为:21,000,000,初始100%添加进Hpdex交易所流动池进行释放,有意愿加入社区的参与者,都可以自行兑换并加入社区。

代币合约: 0x7fb80517de4894a2a22cfda1533253058124ed91

Hpdex交易: Hpdex Info


共建社区: 持有DAO代币是Venture DAO社区成员的身份标识。让我们一起共建Venture DAO 社区,每个人都可以在社区中自由交流。你可以在Venture DAO社区获得其他成员的投资建议和帮助,你也可以向社区投资者提供建议和帮助。

发起分红: 如果你在社区获得有用的投资建议并因此获益,那么你可以自愿在社区发起分红以回馈社区。

获得分红: 每个社区成员都有机会获得其他社区成员的投资分红。

参与治理: 你可以通过发起提案和投票参与社区治理和建设。