Last batch pairs will gradually open for withdrawal from Hpdex Farm

Hpdex Farm will gradually open the last batch of pools pairs that can be withdrawn in the next 5 days, in the order of HPB/HDOG, HPB/DON, STEAM/HPB, STEAM/HPD, HPD-HPB.

Due to the attack, HPD, Steam, HDOG, and DON lost too much, so the tokens that can be retrieved from the 5 pools are all converted into HPB of the corresponding value. That is to say, the retrievable HPB includes LP and HPD rewards. For example, in the HPD-HPB pool, if the user provided 10,000 HPD/100 HPB and mined 5000 HPD, the user can get back 250 HPB.

Please do not add any new liquidity to farm pools. Withdraw the liquidity you already provided with any rewards due to you as soon as possible. The farm has ended.

Hpdex Farm will be completely closed on October 31, 2022. Hpdex users are requested to retrieve all collateral from farm liquidity pools before then.

Website: Hpdex

Hpdex Farm将逐步开放最后一批可取回的流动性池

Hpdex Farm将在未来5天内逐步开放最后一批可取回的流动性池,顺序为HPB/HDOG、HPB/DON、STEAM/HPB、STEAM/HPD、HPD-HPB。

由于受到攻击,HPD、Steam、HDOG、DON流失过多,因此该5个池子的可取回的代币全部折算为对应价值的HPB。即取回的HPB包括LP与挖矿所得HPD,例如在HPD-HPB 池子,用户抵押了10000HPD/100HPB,挖得5000HPD,则用户可取回250HPB。

最后提醒Hpdex用户,Hpdex Farm已提前结束,请大家不要再新增抵押流动性池,只需取回之前抵押的流动性池即可。

Hpdex Farm将在2022年10月31日完全关闭,请Hpdex用户在此之前务必全部取回抵押的流动性池。