Introducing AVA, a community-based RPG game based on Tenon, a new blockchain gaming paradigm

In recent years, the GameFi sector has flourished, with intriguing projects like Axie Infinity leading the way to market growth in the cryptocurrency sector in 2021. Many cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts have expressed interest in investing in GameFi’s coins. GameFi has also developed a new gaming paradigm, shifting away from the conventional “win-at-all-costs” concept and toward a “win-to-earn” strategy.

Players in GameFi are rewarded for actively playing a game, which is feasible by combining blockchain technology with the gaming business. GameFi is what it claims to be. In this post, we’ll look at AVA, a fantasy RPG game developed on the HPB mainnet and powered by Tenon, a blockchain-based gaming protocol.

Introducing AVA, The Alliance of Valiant Army Game

Alliance of Valiant army, also known as AVA is a fantasy-based GameFi RPG inspired by western culture and fantasy. Tenon, a lego protocol that enables an open blockchain gaming ecosystem, powers AVA. There is a lot of potential in store for the AVA game, compared to Rarity, another GameFi project established by Andre Cronje, a famous name in the blockchain business. In AVA, players can gather heroes cards, level up, and boost their overall combative strength. Tenon, a lego protocol, is used by AVA to allow its community to fork, adapt, and build new games with secondary development. Tenon plans to build the GameFi ecosystem’s next generation.

AVA also employs modular smart contract technology, with all modules available for use and combining to create complicated game logic. The HPB mainnet, a scalable and innovative blockchain, serves as the foundation for AVA and its underlying technology, Tenon.

Other noteworthy aspects of AVA include the fact that it is entirely user-centric and community-driven, allowing users to develop and increase the utility of in-game items. In addition, the AVA in-game token AVAG has a total quantity of 30 billion.

What is the significance of HPB?

HPB, or High-Performance Blockchain, is a permissionless blockchain architecture that provides unsurpassed scalability and is created to support robust protocols like Tenon and interoperable GameFi ecosystems like AVA. HPB uses the Proof of Performance consensus algorithm (PoP) and provides crucial features for AVA and the Tenon protocol to work smoothly. As a result, HPB delivers high throughput, low latency, complete customizability, cheap transaction costs, and low fees. As a result, users on AVA can enjoy a frictionless and seamless gaming experience. Furthermore, HPB provides an additional degree of protection for protocols that run on its blockchain.

Running a GameFi project as large as AVA on an efficient blockchain like HPB, which combines hardware and software for ultimate speed and scalability, is critical to assuring the gaming ecosystem’s long-term viability.


Interoperability is required for GameFi to gain mainstream adoption. The emergence of GameFi initiatives that permit interoperability, such as AVA, could be crucial for GameFi’s future. Tenon, a new blockchain gaming paradigm, would also assist in the speedy development of more GameFi initiatives, contributing to the general expansion of this new gaming sector.

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