Hpdex Starts Liquidity Mining Phase II

Hpdex will start its second phase of liquidity mining at 21:00 UTC+8 on 19th March 2022. This phase of mining is perpetual liquidity mining, releasing a total of 36 million HPD. From the start of the Phase II protocol to 4,000,000 blocks, with 4 HPD in each block, the amount of HPD released every 4,000,000 blocks is halved, and so on, until all the 36 million HPD are released. 90% of the mined HPD will be allocated to the pledged liquidity pools. Liquidity Providers (LPs) will receive HPD rewards proportionate to their relative contribution to liquidity pools. 10% of the mined HPD will be allocated to the Hpdex team for technology development and marketing operations.


  1. The HPB MainNet generates a block every 6-7 seconds on average, and the number of blocks generated each day is about 12,000-14,000.
  2. It’ll take HPB MainNet about 300 days, or about 10 months, to generate 4,000,000 blocks.
  3. About 52,000 HPD is released every day, and it is halved every 10 months. So about 16 million HPD of the 36 million total to be mined in Phase II will be released in the first 10 months.
  4. The total amount of HPD is 100 million, and the current market circulation is 28 million.

Users can add liquidity either via the Hpdex interface ‘swap’ or ‘farm’ pages.

  1. Provide liquidity for the liquidity pools supported by Hpdex Liquidity Mining Phase II. Add liquidity to the pool at Hpdex


Or (recommended) add liquidity to the pool at https://farm.hpdex.org/:

  1. After adding liquidity to the pool successfully you will receive LP coins representing your share of the liquidity pool. To participate in the liquidity mining of HPD, stake these LP coins at https://farm.hpdex.org/ .

  1. After successfully staking liquidity LP coins, you can participate in liquidity mining to get rewards!

Hpdex users participating in liquidity mining voluntarily bear the risk of impermanent losses caused by price fluctuations. Users can choose to participate in liquidity pools with different estimated annualized percentage returns according to their risk preferences. Annualized percentages are shown only for informing the users choice of pool at the time of staking, since actual distributions of HPD will change as more users enter or depart from a pool.

Hpdex is a decentralized exchange that is completely community-driven and built on HPB. HPD is the platform token of Hpdex, and it is not a financial commodity or investment or wealth management commodity. HPD is not designed for investment purposes, so buying or selling HPD is at the user’s discretion and the user’s whole responsibility. The Hpdex team cannot predict or control the future price changes of HPD. The mining protocol is run by smart contract so users are advised to make a small test first to assess whether the liquidity mining smart contract performs to satisfaction before making any larger commitment of liquidity. Any price fluctuations or variations in HPD distributed are managed by the smart contract as programmed.

Hpdex Community Channel:
Website: https://hpdex.org/
Telegram:Telegram: Contact @hpdexglobal

Hpdex 开启流动性挖矿第2期

2022年3月19日21:00 UTC+8,Hpdex将开启流动性挖矿第2期。本期为永续流动性挖矿,共释放3600万HPD。从协议启动到4000000个区块,每个区块释放4HPD,每隔4000000个区块释放的HPD数量减半,以此类推,直至3600万HPD全部释放完毕。挖出的HPD 90%分给所抵押的流动性池,LP们根据所抵押的流动性池贡献比例获得HPD奖励,10%分配给Hpdex团队,用于技术开发与市场运营等。


  1. HPB主网平均每隔6-7秒生成一个区块,每天生成区块数约为12000-14000。每生成4000000个区块,需要用时约300多天,即约10个月。
  2. 每天约释放52000HPD,约每隔10个月减半一次。本期流动性挖矿共释放3600万HPD,因此前10个月约释放1600万HPD。
  3. HPD总量为1亿,当前市场流通量为2800万。


  1. 为Hpdex第2期流动性挖矿所支持的流动性池子提供流动性。在https://app.hpdex.org/#/swap向池子添加流动性:

或者https://farm.hpdex.org/ 向池子添加流动性:

  1. 成功向池中添加流动性后,你将收到代表流动性池所占份额的 LP 代币。前往抵押LP代币:https://farm.hpdex.org/ .


  1. 抵押流动性LP代币成功后,就可以参与流动性挖矿获取奖励了!



Hpdex 是一个完全由社区驱动并建立在 HPB上的去中心化交易所。 HPD是Hpdex的平台积分,并非金融商品或任何投资理财商品。 HPD并非为投资目的而设计,无论购入或出售HPD,为用户自行决定且自行负责之行为,Hpdex团队就HPD未来的价格变化无法预测或控制,如有任何价格波动,皆与Hpdex团队无关。流动性挖矿协议由智能合约运行,因此建议用户先做一个小测试,以评估流动性挖矿智能合约的表现是否令人满意,然后再做出更多的流动性抵押。HPD的任何价格波动或变化均由智能合约按程序进行执行。

官网: https://hpdex.org/
Telegram:Telegram: Contact @hpdexglobal