Hpdex Liquidity Mining Will Start, and 10 Million HPD is to be Mined in Phase I

Hpdex will start its first-phase liquidity mining at 17:00 UTC+8 on 5th January 2022, releasing a total of 10 million HPD. There will be six transaction pairs that support mining liquidity pools, including HPB/USDT, STEAM/HPB, HPD/HPB,STEAM/HPD, 420/HPB, and HBB-HPB.

This session of liquidity mining will last approximately two weeks, and 10 million HPD will be released to 100,000 blocks after the start of the agreement, with 100 HPD in each block, and be distributed to the supported liquidity pools proportionately. Each Liquidity Provider will receive HPD in proportion to the relative size of their liquidity contribution.

About HPD
Token type: HRC20
Contract address: 0x6383f770f1eec68e80ac0c5527be71a11b4d182c
Totally issued: 1,000,000,000 HPD
Website: https://hpdex.org/
Block browser link: HPB Chain Explorer

Hpdex is a decentralized exchange that is completely community-driven and built on HPB. Currently it has launched HPB, ETH, USDT, HPD, ESR, WHPB, Steam, 420, HBB, DON, KING, ONE, etc.