HPDex is officially launched on HPB!

HPDex is a decentralized exchange built on HPB Blockchain, and we are glad to announce that HPDex is officially launched now. The first batch of tokens listed on HPDex include HPB, ETH, HPD, ESR, WHPB, and more is coming. At the same time, HPDex will soon launch a trading & mining incentive program.

HPDex is DEX completely driven by the community. It will provide decentralized cros-chain exchange with executable transaction prices. HPDex is currently deployed on HPB MainNet, which will also integrate with Ethereum ecosystem.

HPDex official website:https://app.hpdex.org/

HPDex Forum: HPDex Feedback on use ( Please share your ideas on HPDex, or submit bugs)




HPDex论坛:HPDex Feedback on use (请分享你对HPDex的想法或提交bug)

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