Hpdex has destroyed 90% of the unissued HPD, a total of 900 million tokens

In order to better promote the healthy development of the Hpdex ecosystem, after fully collecting opinions and suggestions from the Hpdex community, Hpdex has directly destroyed 90% of the unissued HPD, a total of 900 million tokens. The initial design total of HPD was 1 billion pieces. 900 million HPD tokens were destroyed this time, which means that the total amount of HPD has dropped sharply from 1 billion to 100 million.

On 7th September, 2021, Hpdex conducted an airdrop of 20 million HPD to all addresses holding HPB, of which more than 1.3 million HPD that was not airdropped by some exchanges was burned. On 5th January, 2022, Hpdex launched the first phase of liquidity mining to release a total of 10 million HPD. After these two releases, the early HPD market circulation will be about 28 million. In the future, the remaining 70 million HPD will be released to the Hpdex community through liquidity mining and other methods.

Hpdex is a completely community-driven, decentralized exchange built on HPB, currently listed assets include HPB, ETH, USDT, HPD, ESR, WHPB, Steam, 420, HBB, DON, KING, ONE, etc.

为了更好地促进Hpdex生态的良性发展,在充分收集Hpdex社区意见和建议后,Hpdex已直接销毁90%未发行的HPD,共计 9 亿枚。HPD最初设计总量为10亿枚,此次9 亿枚未发行HPD被销毁,意味着HPD总量从10亿锐减到1亿。


Hpdex是完全由社区驱动的,建立在HPB区块链上的去中心化交易所,当前已上线HPB、ETH、USDT、HPD、ESR、WHPB、Steam、420、HBB、DON、KING, ONE等。