HPB ecosystem project "hLoot" launches first batch of 500 limited edition NFTs

The long-awaited hLoot is launching its first batch of 500 limited edition hLoot NFTs.HPB community friends are welcome to come and grab some loot! Connect your MetaMask Wallet, switch to HPB Main Network, switch to HPB network, then type any number between 1-500 in the Token ID input box, and click “Receive” to get your exclusive hLoot NFT. Each HPB address can receive only one hLoot. https://app.hloot.org/

hLoot is a community-built Loot NFT project using HPB’s hardware random number generator (HRNG) to ensure the complete randomness of each bundle of accessories on offer. Each hLoot NFT is random and scarce, more novel, more playable and expandable. And, artists are free to make uniquely new and exciting works of art inspired by what hLoot releases!

hLoot official website: http://hloot.org/

标题:HPB生态项目“hLoot”正式上线,首批500个hLoot NFT限量发行

让大家期待多时的hLoot正式上线了,同时首批500个hLoot NFT同步开启限量发行,欢迎HPB社区的朋友们前来领取。使用MetaMask钱包登陆页面,切换至HPB网络,然后在Token ID 输入框输入任何一个1-500的数字,点击“领取”你的专属hLoot NFT。一个HPB地址只能领取一个hLoot。 https://app.hloot.org/

hLoot是建立在HPB区块链上的Loot NFT项目,该项目由HPB社区开发者开发,结合了HPB硬件随机数生成器,保障了生成的完全随机。每一个hLoot NFT都具有随机稀缺性,更加新奇,更具有可玩性和可拓展性,艺术创作者可以基于hLoot列表进行自由创作,创作出新奇的独一无二的艺术作品。


Community member Sunyata shared these sources of large numbers of NFTs:

Possibly of interest to HLoot project.