HBB All-round Robot Tutorial

Introduction: HBB robot has group verification, remove group exit message. 2: Traditional sweepstakes, random number sweepstakes, invitation to group sweepstakes, Twitter task sweepstakes


1.0:Group verification
2.2:Launch a sweepstakes
2.3:Traditional sweepstakes
2.4:Random number sweepstakes
2.5:Invite into the group draw
2.6:Twitter Task Sweepstakes
3.0:Buy a member

1.0:New users enter the group for validation, and three validation failures are kicked out, but they are not blacklisted and can still be re-entered for validation,You can also choose to turn off group validation

2.2.1:Point create to launch the sweepstakes

2.2.2:Tap the button above to set it up

2.2.3:Choose what you want

2.3.1:Select a traditional sweepstakes and set the event name

2.3.2:Set the number of prizes

2.3.3:Set up prizes

2.3.4:Choose whether the time draw or the number of draws

2.3.5:Set the time in the time draw column

2.3.6 :Whether the results of the draw will be announced or not

2.3.7:Send a keyword raffle or a private chat robot sweepstakes

2.3.8:Take the keyword sweepstakes as an example, set the keywords

2.3.9:Whether to push to the AC group drainage,If so, enter the group link next

2.4.1:Random number sweepstakes

2.4.2:Set the activity name

2.4.3:Set the draw time

2.4.4:Set the raffle level

2.4.5:Set the prize name

2.4.6:The number of prizes

2.4.7:The match is won by several numbers

2.4.8:Select the end when you’re set up

2.4.9:Whether to publish the results of the draw to the top

2.4.10:Set the prize password

2.4.11:Whether to promote the raffle to the exchange group

2.4.12:Check that there are no problems with the draw, if there is no problem point confirmation, if there is a problem point cancellation

2.5.1:Invite into the group draw

2.5.2:The name of the sweepstakes

2.5.3:The number of prizes

2.5.4:The name of the prize

2.5.5:How, when, or how many people will draw

2.5.6:If you select a number of draws, set the number of people

2.5.7:Whether to publish the results of the draw to the top

2.5.8:Participation, private chat robot or password

2.5.9:If you select a password to participate, set the password

2.5.10:Whether to promote sweepstakes to the exchange group

2.5.11:If you choose to promote, send a link to the event group

2.5.12:Review there are no problems, if there are no questions to confirm the launch of the draw, there is a problem to cancel the draw

2.6.1:Select the Twitter Task Sweepstakes

2.6.2:Set the name of the sweepstakes

2.6.3:Select the task type

2.6.4:For example, follow Twitter and enter your Twitter number

2.6.5:Select the end when the setup task is complete

2.6.6:Set the number of sweepstakes

2.6.7:Set the prize name

2.6.8:Point time to draw the prize

2.6.9:Set the draw time

2.6.10:Whether to publish the results of the top

2.6.11:Lottery method, password or private chat robot

2.6.12:Set the password

2.6.13:Whether to extend to the communication group

2.6.14:Review there are no issues, no problem points to confirm the release

3.0:Free limit 100 data, after using up to buy members to increase the amount