20 Million HPD Airdroped to HPB Holders by HPDex

We are glad to annouce that 20 million HPDs have been airdroped to the HPB holders. All HPB addresses on HPB MainNet are eligible to receive the corresponding proportion of HPD airdrop. Please go directly to your HPB Wallet to check the airdrop.

According to the airdrop plan, the snapshot was completed at 10am (UTC) on 7th September, 2021. At the time of the snapshot, the number of addresses holding HPB positions ≥ 1HPB is 40176, and the total amount of HPB eligible to receive HPD airdrop is 90,135,002.15, so the final airdrop ratio is HPB/HPD=1/0.2219.

HPDex is a DeFi project initiated and driven completely by the HPB community. The total amount of HPD is 1 billion, and there is no token allocation for team and 0 fund raising. 10% of the project token will be airdropped to community users, and 90% of which will be used for ecosystem development. For the 10% airdrop, 2% of which shall be airdropped to HPB holders once for all, and the other 8% will be released to HPB holders linearly in the next two years. To receive the second 8% HPD airdrop, HPB community members can cliam the airdrop by making contributions or doing community tasks. While the 90% ecosystem incentive part will be released through mining, and the specific releasing strategy & time may be adjusted later and annoucements should be referred.






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